Why Use The Garage Door Directory!

Having worked in the Garage Door industry for over nine years, we have seen our fair share of cowboys garage door companies that come and go. This is why we created The Garage Door Directory to help members of the public purchase a new garage door with peace of mind. We ensure all trade members of our directory comply with our strict set of rules.

All Traders must!

All Traders!

For your local garage door company to become a member of The Garage Door Directory, they must comply with our strict terms and conditions. Unlike other directories, we don’t just check the basic information, but we also review what matters, including the products they supply, their standard of work and a full background review that’s carried out manually.

Worldwide Recognised Manufactures

All our members must only supply and install the leading garage door manufacturers. We set this strict rule to ensure the homeowners browsing our website will only get the highest quality garage doors to ensure the longest life span.

Highest Standard Installations

Before traders become members, they must pass our installation standard check. This included our experienced team checking three previous installations to ensure our homeowners get the highest standard of work.

Complete Vetting

We thoroughly investigate our traders before deciding whether they can come aboard. We complete a deep search to ensure our members have a committed trading history along with the customers best interest at heart.

Manufactures our traders use

All our verified traders only supply the most respected manufacturers in the garage door industry to ensure their customer only receive the most reliable garage door that guarantees the longest life span with included warranties.